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Atlas is a pirate MMO performed by hundreds however the battlefield is damaged

Decked in a jaunty pirate hat, BurkeBlack’s forehead furrows in focus. His character stands on the deck of a ship crowded with different gamers. “Galleon’s shifting once more,” somebody says over voice comms, and there’s the boring roar of a cannon firing. “Alright,” Burke says, calm and in command. “Let’s get sails to 50 p.c and — what the shit?” A ship collides with a whale.
At first, the encounter looks as if it may very well be only a pure prevalence, however there are too many whales choking the ocean. That is the handiwork of Black Butterfly, a infamous hacking firm that spawned dozens of whales by way of an administrator account to break and impede ships. Later, Black Butterfly’s hacks — and their entry to an administrator account — will threaten to gentle the Atlas group aflame. For now, the gamers are nonetheless wrapping their heads across the unattainable sight earlier than them. BurkeBlack laughs and marvels, however finally roars an order to “gentle ’em up!” His disbelief is punctuated by the percussion of cannons — dozens of rule-breaking whales or not, he nonetheless has to win this battle.

Welcome to the world of Atlas, the pirate-themed survival MMO from Studio Wildcard’s Grapeshot Video games. The sport has been wracked by controversy and criticism since its tough early entry launch on the finish of 2018. A successor (and competitor) to Ark: Survival Advanced, Atlas has gamers combating each a hostile atmosphere and different bands of gamers to assert land beneath their banner, construct shipyards, and amass fortunes to fund pirate adventures.
The gamers who stayed aboard by launch points, hardcore necessities, and irritating development have constructed their very own enjoyable. Whereas the sport is clearly in early entry, riddled with errors, typically exploited, and a repetitive time sink, it nonetheless affords one thing particular to the gamers who get pleasure from it. Atlas mimics colonial politics, with leaders, vassals, and sprawling empires.
In contrast to historical past books, Atlas’ world is considerably sillier on its floor. One of many largest international powers within the North American PVP server the Kraken’s Maw is the Attractive Cats Alliance, which borders the Huge Dick Boys Alliance. A lot darker are the veins of nationalism and racism that run all through the group, spurred by an ongoing warfare between the sport’s Asian and Western participant bases.
Polygon spoke to a choice of gamers and influencers from all over the world to create a historical past of Atlas’ origins, plots, and politics on its North American PvP server.

Grapeshot Video games

The aims of Atlas
Atlas, by its very nature, encourages a fragmented and hostile participant base, who band collectively in teams referred to as firms. In Atlas, gamers should declare land with the intention to use it as a base. That land might be contested and stolen, particularly if its proprietor is offline.
With a map 1,200 occasions larger than that of Ark, Atlas’ builders declare that the map can deal with 40,000 individuals without delay. Whereas it’s a big map, it’s separated right into a grid. Every sq. of the grid can comprise land or ocean, and may solely maintain a finite quantity of gamers — 150 in idea, much less in observe if server points kick in. Gamers can construct ships, starting from rafts and sloops to mighty galleons, and customise them. Holding land permits gamers to construct bases, assemble extra ships, tame animals, and purchase sources.
In a approach, Atlas is round. When firms purchase and maintain land, they’ll lease it to vassals, who pay taxes. Progress results in extra progress, and corporations typically find yourself becoming a member of huge alliances to maintain their share of land and holdings.

A player-made map monitoring Atlas’s huge alliances.


Over time, these alliances conflict. Generally, there are inner struggles as firms inside an alliance violate non-aggression pacts or step on every others’ toes. Different occasions, alliances and corporations combat in opposition to foes to defend their bases or broaden into enemy territory, claiming their land and turning it to their firm’s holdings. Gamers monitor every others’ time zones and fill their firms with international crews to allow them to strike whereas their enemies sleep. Good tacticians marshal forces right into a grid to fill it and drive opposition out by way of a participant cap or lag.
Battle in Atlas is messy, chaotic, and closely reliant on exploiting the sport’s jankiness. Battle ranges from the psychological, reminiscent of customizing a ship’s sails to taunt your enemies in a sequence of racist, nationalist taunts, to the outright weird, like a hacker utilizing an administrator account to spawn fighter planes and whales on their foes. Some gamers fill their pockets with comical quantities of crafting supplies, then board enemy ships to sink them with the burden.
All the above mixed has pushed away many gamers. Those that stay have realized to roll with the punches, and have dedicated to combat over the huge map.

Liberty Prime, an American vessel focusing on Chinese language gamers.

Grapeshot Video games by way of gthomas/Reddit

Early rush
Darren, a participant who sunk 80 hours into Atlas earlier than his spouse turned pregnant, informed me that the sport’s launch was filled with points.
“Freeports [the game’s starting safe zones] have been clogged with sleeping gamers [avatars in-game] tanking efficiency,” Darren stated. “There have been fixed disconnects. Anybody who logged in after work discovered the whole lot claimed.”
One other downside with Atlas’ early improvement was that the Ship of the Damned, a robust NPC that haunted the seas by attacking rafts with highly effective cannons. Gamers needed to go away the freeports and discover land, however they couldn’t afford to be choosy. They wanted to cease and construct and refresh themselves earlier than hitting the seas once more.
There was a second barrier to entry for informal gamers, which was rather more sophisticated. The sport’s Chinese language participant base shortly gained a popularity amongst English talking gamers as being extremely coordinated. Many Chinese language gamers entered the sport in teams established from different video games, and so they have been taking part in to earn early benefits.
The response to those gamers ranged from awe to outright racism, based on Darren. “Individuals referred to as the Chinese language [players] locusts. You’d land on an island and discover it fully strip mined of sources and claimed, or they’d instantly sink you.”
Between all of those obstacles, Atlas’ first few days have been a continually operating loop of sprinting, stopping, sprinting, stopping. Gamers have been compelled to settle the place they might amid the lag, and construct their empires from there.

Grapeshot Video games

Planting their banners
I spoke to 2 leaders of profitable firm The Federation, who go by Captain Church and Lustria Church in Atlas. Captain Church is a streamer with a curated group, and Lustria has organized initiatives in different video games like Fallout 76 beneath the deal with SatelliteJedi.
The unique core of gamers that made up the Federation made their approach by Ships of the Damned and the risks of the ocean to search out land — any land that was unclaimed and never hostile.
“We received to [our first] island with 20 or 30 individuals, and there was already a longtime alliance arrange,” says SatelliteJedi. A bigger tribe, named Black Snow, had introduced smaller teams in beneath their banner, claiming the land and bringing its denizens to heel. Anybody who wished to remain on the their land needed to pay a excessive tax and pledge their future fleets to any navy trigger Black Snow selected.
The core group performed together with it for a few days, however SatelliteJedi and Church scouted the opposite small firms on the island to see who would agree with a coup. Lastly, at an in-game “state of the island” assembly referred to as by Black Snow’s chief, issues got here to a head.

Pirate versus pirate fight is a core idea of Atlas.

Grapeshot Video games

SatelliteJedi and Church made their calls for for energy and freedom inside Black Snow, and their chief stood agency in denying them. “Everybody else right here is on the identical web page,” he stated.
“Truly, they’re not,” stated SatelliteJedi, and the bloody coup started. As a result of the avatars have been all assembled, it was a violent, hand-to-hand coup the place gamers hacked these loyal to Black Snow to dying with rudimentary weapons. As soon as their opposition was useless, banished again to beginning Freeports, their holdings may very well be torn down and their land claimed.
Each participant who participated in tearing down the present energy construction was introduced into the Federation, an organization that provided a good different the place people might sail equally.
Brewing tensions
Whereas smaller firms like The Federation began to construct, the Chinese language territory was increasing over Atlas’ map. North American and European gamers shared their considerations about this energy dynamic, with many firms getting into Alliances to guard their land.
One firm, Make Atlas Nice Once more — MAGA for brief — was significantly flagrant with its nationalist rhetoric. It made for an uncomfortable pressure, and the group’s moderators needed to work to maintain the subreddit clear of racist speech and imagery from gamers. Posts might typically name on wartime propaganda and rhetoric, or comprise a name to arms to guard Western lands from Asian invaders.
One publish made on the Atlas subreddit shortly after the sport’s launch by consumer VexusGaming is titled “We’ve begun to combat again.” In it, an armored avatar stands subsequent to a skeleton, killed by hanging. The skeleton belongs to a participant from CSTG, a Chinese language firm.

Regardless of these shows, the scenario was extra complicated than Western gamers depicted. TPG and No No No are two firms with Chinese language members the place Western and Asian members work collectively in opposition to the bigger, all-Chinese language firms. “Chinese language gamers name out the TPG and No No No,” stated SatelliteJedi. “They name them race traitors, and blood traitors.”
“I’ll play any sport the place I can win.”

I spoke to 4 Chinese language gamers who requested to be saved nameless by way of e-mail with the help of a translator. Two of them admitted to being in firms that had exploited the sport by some means, justifying it as a mandatory price of warfare to beat Western rivals. Tensions and racist assaults additional justified it to those gamers. I requested, have been Grapeshot to supply a brand new server for Asian gamers, whether or not they would switch over. All of them answered no.
To them, the competitors with international gamers isn’t simply a part of the enjoyable — it’s largely the purpose. Throughout ship battles and naval encounters, Chinese language gamers fill international chat with infinite shows of nationwide delight. Their ships’ sails are sometimes emblazoned with “CHINA #1.” It’s a brag they intend to show. “I’ll play any sport the place I can win,” stated one Chinese language participant I spoke to.
In response, firms like MAGA swelled with new numbers, however that participant base ran unchecked. They shortly gained a nasty popularity amongst even Western gamers, partially for the way in which they represented themselves, and partially for his or her conduct.
MAGA attacked Western firms. At occasions, they’d supply non-aggression pacts or alliances, after which wait till their new allies logged off to assault and loot. They have been a drive of chaos that embraced the present political rhetoric, and regardless of their antagonistic nature, they portrayed themselves in group shops just like the subreddit and Discords as a patriotic drive out to guard the West from the “Crimson menace”.

Grapeshot Video games

“The acronym will not be the one factor that pissed individuals off,” stated Church. “The best way they performed pissed everybody off, till they have been being attacked on the skin and finally on the within as properly.”
MAGA’s eventual collapse got here at its personal palms. A participant who had been granted administrator entry by the corporate chief used his management to demolish the MAGA bases, liberating up their land and destroying their ships, storage, and buildings earlier than kicking everybody out of the corporate.
These controls are granted to directors for base constructing logistics and ship caps. An organization can solely have so many ships lively at a time, and gamers typically want to have the ability to construct defenses or organize bases, even when the unique participant who constructed one thing is offline.
In the end, MAGA collapsed when an admin kicked everybody from the corporate and demolished the corporate’s bases, inflicting the remaining members to scatter to the winds. MAGA had not been an unlimited empire, however they’d carved a piece of land out for themselves on the worldwide map, and dozens of hours have been misplaced. The frustration was sufficient to get a lot of the gamers aligned with MAGA to stop the sport.
In line with Julian, a European Atlas participant I spoke to, that wasn’t essentially factor. “MAGA acted as a quarantine,” he defined over Discord. “They have been shit, however they have been all shit collectively.”
At occasions, Grapeshot Video games has stepped in to revert hacks or ban accounts which have exploited the sport, however the builders haven’t remarked on the in-game politics or the methods they’re expressed by ship customization and sport chat. Grapeshot Video games didn’t reply to a number of requests from Polygon to touch upon hacking, in-game moderation, or group insurance policies.
“Within the sport’s present state, it’s geared in the direction of large tribe fight,” says Church. “It’s too arduous for a small tribe. Griefing is the place the sport is now. The issues that web you essentially the most rewards are griefing, then twenty different issues, then taking up land.”

Battles are sometimes gained with Discords and coordination, not naval may.

Grapeshot Video games

Administration and management
In January, the Federation was nonetheless a comparatively small group, but it surely had one large benefit: It had sunk one of many first Chinese language galleons whereas it was nonetheless in dock earlier than it had set sail. The Federation’s management took to social media to promote the sinking and turned it right into a recruitment drive.
“It didn’t matter that we have been solely a 30- or 40-man firm on the time,” says SatelliteJedi. “We have been recruiting and appearing like we have been one of many large guys already. Earlier than anybody realized we weren’t, we have been.”
“I play Atlas in Discord. play it on the maps, I play it on Reddit, I’m not within the floor within the sport an entire lot anymore.”
Operating an organization just like the Federation is basically performed out of sport, by way of channels like Discord and Google Drive. Most of the different firms, as a consequence of their previous in different video games, have this infrastructure already constructed and examined.
As soon as individuals are within the firm, they should be vetted. The Federation has a robust anti-racism coverage, and welcomes Asian gamers from across the globe into their ranks. This introduced them with an issue — they’d earned their preliminary popularity by sinking a Chinese language galleon, and so they didn’t cover their delight in that accomplishment. However they didn’t wish to welcome MAGA gamers and let these with comparable, hostile mindsets into their group.
Church notes that, ethical rules apart, something aside from inclusion can be “silly” from a tactical benefit. Having a world crew permits the Federation to keep up a watch over each time zone, even whether it is tougher to handle.
Tensions additional deepened between the group — and the builders themselves — when Black Butterfly pulled off their hacking spree.

Fight is usually deliberate and executed with out-of-game infrastructure.

Grapeshot Video games

The Black Butterfly incident
In January, dwell producer and lead group supervisor Jatheish Karunakaran took to the boards to elucidate a sequence of incidents. Naval battles have been being assaulted by dozens of whales, World Conflict II plane fell from the sky, and, worse but, this was being performed from a developer’s account.
“Earlier right now, an admin’s Steam account was compromised and used to trigger some devastation on our Official NA PvP Community,” Karunakaran wrote. “To be clear this was not attributable to a hack, third social gathering program, or exploit. We now have taken the suitable steps to make sure this doesn’t occur once more.”

The group was outraged. Karunakaran’s assertion was seen as a dodge. For a lot of in the neighborhood, a hacking incident so egregious, so excessive, required full transparency from the builders. What’s worse is that these gamers noticed this as a repeat offense. Black Butterfly had immigrated to Atlas from Ark, the place they performed beneath the title TEA.
TEA had performed the very same sort of exploiting and hacking, and gamers alleged that Snail Video games, the Chinese language proprietor of Studio Wildcard, had protected them. The in-game injury performed by TEA was so profound that Ark developer Studio Wildcard disowned their large-scale PvP servers and abdicated the accountability to Snail Video games.
This wasn’t the primary or solely time that hacking had occurred in Atlas. Gamers reported hacks and unlawful spawns shortly after the Black Butterfly incident … however this incident stays essentially the most notorious and damning among the many group.

Incidents just like the Black Butterfly hacks risked sinking Atlas altogether.

Grapeshot Video games

In line with SatelliteJedi, the builders are in an unattainable scenario. “I don’t assume individuals give [Grapeshot] sufficient credit score. They received [anti-cheat software] BattleEye up and operating, they went and dev-wiped grids of firms they verified was dishonest. I feel they’re taking among the proper steps. I’m involved with how they handled the Black Butterfly factor, however that is perhaps as a result of Black Butterfly knew what they have been doing.”
Whereas the participant base finally moved on to complain about issues like elephant carry weight and stone sturdiness, the Black Butterfly incident confirmed that Atlas — and your entire in-game expertise — isn’t actually about, properly, Atlas. It’s concerning the individuals within the sport and the competitors; Atlas is only a stage, and one that’s typically compromised. Even in skirmishes, SatelliteJedi stories incidents like a number of headshots on fast-moving aerial targets from low-level gamers in a matter of seconds. Dishonest is simply a part of the sport now.
Shadow cabals and Discord servers
For the leaders of Atlas, the combat not often takes place in-game anymore. “I play Atlas in Discord,” says SatelliteJedi. “I play it on the maps, I play it on Reddit, I play it speaking to members of my crew and members of firms, be they enemies or potential renters or allies… however personally, I’m not within the floor within the sport an entire lot anymore.”
“Gaming isn’t simply gaming anymore,” provides Church. “This isn’t blackjack that you simply play with your pals. It’s an on a regular basis, eight- to 10-hour habit that we now have.”

Gamers have discovered group and camaraderie in Atlas.

Grapeshot Video games

The way forward for Atlas stays unsure. The sport’s participant depend has dropped since launch, and its subreddit is usually extra about gamers asking for options or complaining about bugs moderately than sharing tales of their exploits. Mega alliances management the map, and lots of the most devoted gamers are spending extra outing of sport than in it.
By utilizing shadow firms, vassals, secondary accounts, and deception, practiced firms can evade the lengthy arm of developer legislation. The best way to get round these unfair benefits, for gamers who don’t flip to hacking, is time, coordination, management, and willpower. In line with Darren, that’s not one thing he has anymore.
“I liked Atlas and its politics, however when my spouse received pregnant, I clearly knew I wouldn’t have sufficient time for it anymore,” he stated. “There are some video games which you can play with a household and a child. Atlas isn’t one in all them. I don’t assume, with the participant base it has now, it might ever be one in all them.”
For gamers like Julian, the sensation of being a part of one thing bigger is a part of the attraction.
“Atlas doesn’t really feel like a pirate sport,” he stated. “It seems like a colonial sort of sport. Generally we get a ping on Discord and all of us go browsing to be the quickest ones right into a grid. I watch Netflix and farm metallic for the corporate.
“Atlas isn’t actually a game-game.”
If it’s not a sport, I ask him, what’s it? He pauses. “It’s like a historical past novel or navy marketing campaign, besides all the nations are named dumb shit just like the OwO Empire, and everybody concerned is sort of an asshole,” Julian stated. “However I get to be there and be part of it, and that makes it value it.”