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These Hilarious, Heartwarming Alien Comics Make Us Glad To Be Human

At present has been a troublesome day on the finish of a very powerful week. Which suggests maybe right this moment is an effective day to dive into the Unusual Planet caricature collection by artist Nathan Pyle. 

If you happen to’re not already accustomed to Unusual Planet that is okay. The four-panel strip rise to recognition has not solely been meteoric, it is also been actually latest. Pyle, a former cartoonist for BuzzFeed, posted the primary strip of the collection to his personal Instagram web page in the beginning of February. Three weeks later, Pyle’s comedian was the lead anecdote for a Wired story about why the four-panel comedian format is so ubiquitous on-line.Whereas that story is a bit more difficult, the recognition of Pyle’s strip is straightforward, I believe. Seeing cute aliens overexplain banal human issues is oddly heartwarming. 

And Pyle’s observations about his personal species are pretty prescient. Like the way in which we react after we see a buddy with a brand new suntan.

Or the entire “going to mattress” ordeal:

Consoling a crying buddy is bizarre.

Seems people do numerous bizarre stuff, really.



Very bizarre. Anyway, comply with Pyle on Instagram right here, comply with the Unusual Planet collection right here, and browse Peter Rubin’s story in Wired about each proper right here. Be good, human <3

Joey Cosco is Digg’s Social and Branded Content material Editor